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Bread and Circus

In-store artisan bakery. Bread is at the heart of what we do, but offer a whole lot more–exquisite patisserie & savouries, and evening pizzeria from 2019.
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Welcome to the Daventry Directory profile for Bread and Circus. Bread and Circus is a business in Daventry, Northamptonshire.

From Bread and Circus.

Bread & Circus is a family business based on three key values – Fresh, Exceptional and Artisan. As you may guess from our name, bread is at the heart of what we do, but we offer a whole lot more – exquisite patisserie, delicious savouries and an evening pizzeria from January.

We want to connect you with food you can trust for taste, for nature, for everyone.
We are committed to fresh, additive-free, recipes made from scratch. We buy top quality ingredients including specialist flours from France and Italy, for all other ingredients we give preference to locally-produced and organic where available and supporting small not-for-profit initiatives. Our wine list favours organically grown and fair-trade grapes, free from chemical sprays and artificial additives. All our ingredients are vegetarian or vegan.
These are the Bread & Circus fundamental principles to ensure baking traditions of quality and depth of flavour; to support environmental sustainability which preserves the earth’s resources for future generations and other species, and for fair trade and social responsibility acknowledging that our business is interdependent with our customers, our staff, our local community and the rest of the world.
Now just relax and enjoy the Bread & Circus experience, knowing you’re in safe hands.

Bread & Circus is dedicated to the in-store production of the highest quality artisan bread. In the wee small hours of the morning, our bakers are busy creating your daily bread. Open from 8am for croissants, During the day, our artisan bakery has a café, in the evening, we transform into a pizza restaurant.
Sited in a 400-year-old building in the heart of the community our aim is to breathe new life into this prominent, formerly derelict, store on historic Sheaf Street. Through the centuries, 28 Sheaf Street has been everything from a pub to a butchers, a cafe to a photographic studio. Now, in its stripped back form we add another layer to its rich history.
Set out as an open plan kitchen, our experienced and qualified bakers and patisserie chefs are on display, and customers will be able to watch our artisan techniques as they wait for their order.
Bread & Circus creates naturally leavened sourdough breads, baked goods and fine pastries adhering to time honoured artisanal standards. Using only the finest natural ingredients, made from scratch, everything is free from every kind of additives or preservatives

Artisan bread is best described by thinking about the person who makes the bread. An artisan baker is a craftsperson who is trained to the highest ability to mix, ferment, shape and bake a handcrafted loaf of bread. The baker incorporates the alchemy – the bio-chemical reactions of the ingredients – to create the optimal environment for the bread to develop.

This is the secret ingredient behind the mouth-watering aroma and flavour of our breads, pastries and pizzas. Top bakers have their own unique sourdough starter, which is preciously guarded. Each natural bacterial culture is made from freshly ground flour and water creating a home to the wild yeasts that leaven the bread. Due to its specific fermenting action, sourdough play an essential role in establishing the appearance, colour, fragrance, texture and taste of bread and pastries as well as the length of time they can be kept.


Sourdough features neutralised phytic acid which opens up the available nutrients in grain which would normally be digested without being absorbed. Sourdough pre-digests and ferments the gluten proteins making them digestible even for those with gluten intolerance.

The process consumes the damaged starch through the fermentation which neutralises insulin shock in diabetics and helps keep blood sugar low.

All our daily bread flours are supplied by Foricher, an independent and committed miller dedicated to craft bakery. Foricher was one of the founding members of a sustainable alliance of growers and millers in France. This ensures that the whole process, from sowing the seed to harvesting and storing the crop, is carefully regulated so that the farmers are growing great quality grain while protecting the environment. Encouraging biodiversity is a key part of the agricultural practices used under this scheme.
A selection of CRC® certified cereals, checks at each stage of the process and expertise which combine to produce a wide range of ‘Label Rouge’ flours for artisan bakers. Wheat that is 100% grown in France (Loiret and Yonne regions), close to the mills, and varieties which are chosen for their specific properties and characteristics. A 100% cereal blend designed to create balance and produce high quality, consistent flours time after time. No enzymes, no additives, nothing at all added, just perfect flour every time.

You may recognise the phrase Bread & Circus from ancient Rome. The Roman satirical poet Juvenal (circa AD100), described an exhaustion in the general populace with politics, preferring instead to be distracted by food and entertainment (in Latin ‘panem et circenses’). Likewise, we thought we could all do with a similar distraction here in the 21st Century.

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